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Introducing Plum Guide ForBusiness.

Plum Guide - Official Selection

Curation AI as a Service.

Since 2016, Plum Guide has redefined the vacation rental landscape. As the only platform meticulously curating extraordinary homes worldwide on an unprecedented scale, we’re now ready to share our technology with the business world.

Plum Guide ForBusiness is our newest innovation, offering our unique Curation AI as a service for online booking platforms, hotel groups, financial services groups and businesses aiming to offer highly curated vacation rental properties to their customers.

Plum Guide at a Glance:

The world’s largest collection of curated homes

Plum Guide is the only booking platform with 40,000+of the world’s most remarkable rentals.

Powered by “award-winning” AI technology

Build from scratch. Our AI backed curation model is unique to our business.

Rated “Excellent” on TrustPilot

Rated excellent for a reason. Need we say more?

Skift Award logo

We proudly hold the title of Industry Innovators 2023, awarded by the Skift Idea Awards

Receiving industry recognition from the best in the field.

How has Curation AI elevated our business?

4x our revenue per head

By transitioning to AI-backed curation, we've reduced home addition costs by 85%, increased the speed of adding homes fivefold, all while achieving a 45% increase in conversion rates.

➛ As effective as a human tester

In 90% of cases, our AI evaluates homes to meet rigorous standards without entering them, assessing beds, WiFi, shower pressure, kitchen inventory, maintenance, hospitality, and design.

91% match rate to the human eye

Our model aligns 91% with our Design Director's eye. Homes approved by AI undergo expert review, merging human and machine insights.

➛ Data from more than 100,000 vetted homes

AI is central to our business, helping us meet discerning travelers' needs, ensuring quality, managing expectations, and delivering scalable service.

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“Plum Guide stands out for its selective list of properties”

The New York Times

How does it work?The Lakeside Retreat - UK

Our curation AI evaluates numerous data points to determine if a home meets our criteria. Approved homes are then listed with descriptions crafted in our distinctive tone of voice by our listing AI. Our AI is now available as a Saas solution. Reach out to us to learn more.

Lake Como

Who is this service for?

Either businesses looking to launch a premium short term rental proposition or businesses who are already playing in the short term rental space but are looking to:

Improve their customer satisfaction, win with a luxury customer, reduce vetting costs and accelerating onboarding and add unique and high end supply.

What will 'Plum Guide ForBusiness' do for you?

Plum Guide ForBusiness offers a complete end-to-end experience, including our supply, care team, trip planners, either white-labeled or co-branded. We provide access to key components of our system to achieve your goals:

Consumer Front End, Marketing Engine, Care Team & Trip Planning Teams & Systems, 40,000 expert vetted homes, Curation AI - Technology to Vet Homes & Prouce Listings, Supply Acquisition Engine and Channel Manager Connections.

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How do our ForBusiness customers use our Curation AI?

Earlier this year, Plum Guide officially partnered with Global Hotel Alliance to enhance their loyalty program. This collaboration broadens accommodation options for members, providing access to both curated vacation homes and top hotel amenities. Using Plum Guide’s Curation AI service GHA members now have more destinations to choose from, ensuring they are rewarded no matter where their travels take them.

Trulli Marvellous in Apulia

“Our partnership with Plum Guide signals our dedication to creating partnerships that enrich our programme”

— Chris Hartley, GHA's CEO.

Talk to us

Interested in finding out how you can leverage our Curation AI for your business? Get in touch with our team or register your interest now.

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Doron Meyassed Chief Executive Officer

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Jason Goodman Board Director, Strategic Business Partnerships / M&A

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Lizzie Hardy SaaS Business Partnerships Manager

Industry InnovatorsCopenhagen
Plum Guide's Shortyz awards 2023

Awarded ‘Industry Innovators’ & ‘Booking platform of the year’.

But don't just take our word for it. Our exceptional achievements have been promptly acknowledged by renowned industry leaders such as Skift and ShortTermRentalz. We proudly hold the titles of Industry Innovators (Skift Idea Awards), the recipient of the Marketing Campaign of the Year 2023, Most Effective Use of Social Media 2024 and the highly prestigious Best Online Travel Agency for two consecutive years 2023 & 2024 (Shortyz).

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In the press

AI insights:Generative AI to vet rental homes — Read in PhocusWire, August 2023 Can AI Tell You if a Home is Beautiful? — Read in Skift, June 2023 Our verdict on Plum Guide: the luxury version of Airbnb — Read in Harper's Bazaar, March 2023