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Welcome to Plum Guide.

Plum Guide is not just a booking platform. It's a benchmark for quality. And in the unruly world of vacation rentals, it's the only mark of quality you'll need.

There are 15,000,000+ vacation homes listed online. The choice is overwhelming. The standard is dispiriting.

It's a quagmire. And it's the reason we founded Plum Guide. Our mission is to vet every available rental home and only select the very best - ensuring the best possible stays.

The New Georgian Era - UK


In the past we’ve all had to trust accommodation reviews written by complete strangers.

Apparently Tom from Seattle ‘loved everything about it’, but Paolina from Milan thought the home was ‘filthy and stank of sewage’. Who is right? Who is wrong? Does Tom even exist?

That's where Plum Guide steps in.

The Edge of Infinity - Kefalonia

So thank you internet for the quantity, but it’s high time we turn the corner to quality.

Restaurants have the Michelin Star. Books have the New York Times Bestseller List. Vacation homes have the Plum Guide.

The Plum Promise:

About us > Glass

Expert-vetted homes Our experts have meticulously vetted every available rental, filtering out the thousands that don't meet our standards - saving you from disappointment.

About us > Keys

In-house care Efficient and empowered home experts, whose sole task is to make your stay exceptional.

About us > Globbe

Total Reassurance In the very rare event your host cancels 48 hours after your booking, we will do all we can to find you a new Plum home up to 20% more expensive than the original. Within 5 days of check-in, it's up to 50%.

Founder's Story

The Coaching House - UK

It all started with a breathtaking stay.

Founder & CEO Doron went on vacation to Tel Aviv. The home he booked blew him away. It got him thinking... Why isn't it always like this? Why is booking a home so hit-and-miss? It shouldn't feel like a lottery every time you book a stay away.

Imagine if we could ensure a disappointment-free stay. Doron brought together a group of architects, travellers, interior designers and psychologists with the aim of decoding the secret ingredients of the perfect stay. We call it the Science behind The Perfect Stay.

The science and design standards power the criteria we use to judge every home and ensure it's worthy of a place in the Plum Guide collection. Only the very best homes make the cut.

Leadership Team

Lilac Wisteria - UK

Today, in our tech-driven world, we believe a human touch is more disruptive than ever.

About us > Leaders > Doron

Doron Meyassed Co-Founder & CEO

In 2008 Doron founded Promise Communities (now C Space): a company specialising in solving brand, innovation and insight challenges through mass online collaboration. In eight years, he grew it into a 140+ person leading innovation agency delivering programs for the likes of Twitter, Spotify and more. Doron now lives and breathes travel. Having moved country every few years and having a total undetectable accent, no one is really sure where Doron is from. He is also into some seriously bizarre music no one can quite understand, but that won’t stop him trying to explain.

About us > Leaders > Imran

Imran Arshed Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Imran has built and led the development of large scale platforms of e-commerce and e-CRM systems for the likes of BBC, Bacardi, Berghaus, Laphroaig and Russian Standard. A problem solver at heart, Imran was writing code in his teens on an Amiga 500. From there, he went on to work with consulting firms, agencies and startups and held the notable leadership positions of Director and CTO. When not coding, you can find Imran at Cafe OTO listening to white noise.

About us > Leaders > Graham

Graham Foulds Chief Operations Officer

This is Graham’s first foray into the world of startups. Before Plum Guide, he spent his career in management consulting and new product development. He specialised in travel and hospitality, working on innovation projects for Etihad Airways, and Air France-KLM. He then set up an Open Innovation engine for the agencies in the marketing and communications giant, Omnicom Group. Originally from Canada, bagels are his favourite food and he’s on a relentless hunt to find a Montreal-style bagel in London (Monty’s is his current frontrunner).

Laura Cooper

Laura Cooper Chief Operations Officer

With 12 years of experience in the travel industry, Laura began her career at Over eight years, she led commercial sales and account management teams across the diverse landscapes of Asia, EMEA, and Oceania. Before joining Plum Guide, Laura contributed her expertise to Just Eat's global commercial growth team, focusing on unlocking ancillary revenue streams and driving ad product revenues. Outside of the boardroom, Laura finds joy in the world of theatre and the harmonies of show tunes.


Liat Wassershtrom Chief Product Officer

Meet Liat, a Chief Product Officer with 12+ years of experience in product and engineering. She's known for creating highly motivated teams that deliver exceptional product experiences. With a background as a Creative Technologist, Liat brings a unique perspective to product management. She's skilled at balancing user needs, business objectives, and technical feasibility to create valuable products that drive growth.

About us > Leaders > Susie

Susie Harris General Counsel

After starting her career with an international law firm, Susie has worked at fast-paced high growth tech companies. At Skype, she focussed on brand protection and was part of the team that sold the company to Microsoft. She later moved to King, the makers of hit game Candy Crush, and saw immense growth ultimately leading to its IPO and later sale to Activision Blizzard. At King, her final role was CLO and part of the management team. When she’s not red-lining documents, she loves scuba diving in remote places and is partial to a cryptic crossword.

Jonny Tamir

Jonny Tamir Chief Financial Officer

Jonny started his career at Deloitte in London working with both listed and VC-backed businesses. In pursuit of mountains and snow, Jonny then moved to Vancouver and continued his career in corporate finance working on deals ranging between £1m and £1bn+. Outside of work, you’ll find Jonny at Stamford Bridge or watching a new production at one of London's many theatres.

Our Journey So FarConcrete Marvel in Tel Aviv.

Concrete Marvel - Tel Aviv.

We launched in 2016 in London, and since then we’ve expanded to hundreds of destinations across Europe, the UK & the USA.

We’ve put over 500,000 homes through the Plum Guide vetting process since launch and developed a customer experience that’s returning the highest NPS scores in the hospitality sector. Most importantly, we have built a team of exceptionally talented and passionate people who we are proud to work alongside each day.

We are backed by some of the world’s top VCs and angel investors. Between them, they have helped make successes of the likes of TransferWise, Citymapper, BuzzFeed, Appear Here, Graze, Depop, Gymbox and Secret Escapes to name a few.